Whether you are buying your first home or your 10th home, no matter if it is new construction or 120 years old, I always highly recommend a whole-house inspection prior to purchasing a home.  Once you have negotiated an accepted offer, you have 10 days to have the inspection and re-negotiate anything that needs to be fixed as a result of the inspection.  The inspection is not a to-do list for the seller, but it does give you the comfort of knowing where you will have to spend money in the next year or so as well as how long you can expect other parts to last.  Big ticket things like electrical, heating, roof, etc. can often be re-negotiated to get the seller to pay at least some of the repair costs.

Did you know that you should consider having a whole-house inspection done when you put the house on the market?  This cuts down on the closing time, avoids surprises that will result in lower sale price, and allows you to make an informed decision on repairs.  It is also a great marketing tool to be able to show the report of what a great house a buyer is getting.

As a total service REALTOR(R), I will give you names of at least two inspection companies to choose from, coordinate the date and time of the inspection with you, and meet you and the inspector at the house to ensure access.

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JB Home Inspection
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