This page contains information we think you may find helpful and interesting.  Look here for information on area schools and events as well as neighborhood happenings.
Muskegon Community Information
The Muskegon Community Guide contains a lot of information about many different things in Muskegon.  From churches to schools, area attractions to restaurant and hotel guides, this site has it all.
Area School Information
Want to check out schools in prospective neighborhoods?  Want to get a grade for the schools your kids attend?  Ready to send your oldest to school? Click here to find all kinds of information on specific schools in the area.  This site will give you a report card on each school as well as statistics you may find helpful in making an informed decision.
Satellite Aerial Photographs
Looking for a way to make sure you know what's in the area where you're looking for a new house?  You can find pictures of your house (or any area) by clicking here.  Pictures are taken from satellites and are accurate down to street level.
We like to give referrals to people with whom we network. Please contact us today to get names of people we trust, respect, and love to refer to for a wide variety of needs. We know people who own restuarants, who sell insurance, who handle investments, who do building or renovation work, and many others. We network to gain one another's referrals because we all know that it is easier to trust someone who is referred to you by someone you trust!
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